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Will you wear second-hand children's shoes to your children after the controversy of star parenting?

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In everyone's impression, the stars are rich in assets, must have a very luxurious life, in the child's upbringing must not care about spending. But in fact, stars have their own set of parenting. Sun Li, for example, said in an interview that she would let her sister wear her brother's old clothes. Sun Li's behavior has also been praised by netizens, which is not only very environmentally friendly, but also educates children not to waste too much.

In addition to Sun Li, another actress will do the same. That is Jia Jingwen. A sharp-eyed netizen found that Bo Niu also wore her sister's shoes. But this is controversial. Many people think this is not desirable, second-hand clothes can be worn, and second-hand shoes are absolutely not! Children's feet grow very fast, and each person's walking gait is different, the worn parts of soles are also different. Wearing other people's shoes is like walking on other people's molds, which has a certain impact on the healthy development of feet.

Therefore, children's shoes must be changed according to the growth of children's feet and their own characteristics, in order to save a little money but affect foot health is not worth it. So, how to choose a suitable pair of children's shoes for children? Professor Chen Shiyi, an expert in sports medicine at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said there were three criteria for shoe selection:

One is to choose insoles with arch support function, which can relieve fatigue when walking.

Secondly, children's shoes with stiffened heel cup should be selected to stabilize the heel bone and control the magnitude of hind foot valgus.

Thirdly, the circumference of the forefoot should be suitable, too large or too small is not conducive to foot development.

Nowadays, the brand of children's shoes specially designed for children's foot condition in China is gradually increasing. Dr.kong health shoes are one of them, and specialty products are subdivided for children of different ages. For infants aged 8 months to 4 years, Dr. kong has designed a series of "BB Learning Walk 123" health shoes, which are designed with the concepts of "barefoot feeling", "easy to twist" and "three-dimensional foot protection". They have a stiffer heel cup to help stabilize the heel and a mild arch pad to support the arch, so that the children's feet can keep the heel vertical when they support their weight for a long time, so that their gait is more stable.

For children aged 4-13, the arch of the foot begins to form slowly, but because the skeleton of the foot is not yet mature, there may be phased phenomena such as flat foot or hind foot valgus. Dr. Jiang's health shoes are designed for children at this stage. They are equipped with three kinds of insoles with different arch support ranges A, B and C and heel inclination. At the same time, they are supplemented by a hard heel cup and appropriate circumference of forefoot. They are very helpful to relieve foot fatigue and pain and increase comfort.

Before buying shoes, parents can also take their children near to Dr. kong health shoe store for consultation. Dr. kong health shoes provide Check & Fit foot test pad service, which will give professional advice on shoes selection.

A suitable pair of children's shoes, for children far-reaching impact, must not save money and trouble on children to wear shoes worn by brothers and sisters.

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