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A pair of children's health shoes is essential for taking children shopping and brushing movies

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December is probably the craziest day for movie fans. "Golden Horse Award Opening Film" mixes superheroes and Yongchun masters. Russia brings the action comedy "Most Initial Detective" into the New Year's festival. The highly anticipated Miyazaki Hayao classic animated film "Dragon Cat" is also on the shelf. In the last month of 2018, you might as well bring your children to the cinema to experience the visual feast brought by blockbusters around the world. After watching the movie, you can also go shopping with your children and enjoy the leisure time of parents and children. It is worth reminding that children are naturally lively, which is essential at this time. To prepare a pair of Dr. kong children's shoes for children can give them safe protection.

There are 66 movies released in December. What are the most anticipated parent-child movies this year? The Sea King, released on Dec. 7, is called DC's turn-around. It tells the story of a lighthouse caretaker and Queen Atlantis in the United States who gave birth to a boy who had extraordinary abilities. Douban score of 8.5 in Dog 13 released on the same day is called the best domestic youth film. It is worth seeing just because she has been hidden in the snow for five years because she is too real. Of course, there is "Dragon Cat" released on December 14. After all, Hayao Miyazaki represents the memory of a generation. After 30 years, it will be shown on the mainland. Fans have heard that there are tears in their eyes. We all owe Miyazaki a ticket. Spider-Man: Parallel Universe, as the last wave of this year's Manwei film, is a collection of all kinds of Spider-Man except Peter Parker. This is an animated film, not a live-action movie. The Trailer once blew up the praise of SDCC's media and audiences.

Towards the end of 2018, in addition to films, there are also a wide range of discounted goods and parent-child activities open. At this time, we should take the film as an opportunity to bring our children together for a walk-in parent-child film tour. But cinemas are often in large shopping malls or pedestrian streets where there is a lot of traffic. Children's feet need to be taken good care of after a long day's hard work and crowded crowds. A good pair of children's shoes in addition to preventing walking falls, the most important thing is to alleviate the foot fatigue caused by long-term walking and protect children's foot health.

Dr. kong shoes for children are based on the characteristics of their feet at this age. Dr. kong children's padded ABC health shoes are based on the concept of three-dimensional foot protection. They are specially designed for children aged 4-13 years. A, B, C foot arch support range of different insoles, a good consideration of each child's arch development, can support the arch, alleviate foot fatigue; At the same time, it has a hard heel cup, can stabilize the heel bone, control the width of hind foot valgus; also according to the different foot shape, design different forefoot dimensions, so that the foot can be adequately protected.

Dr.kong children's shoes are fitted and protected. While parents enjoy their parents'and children's time, they don't have to worry about the damage to their children's feet caused by long walking.
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