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New Year's gift to help baby walk healthily, Dr. kong health shoes are the first choice!

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Happy New Year! Wear new shoes and hats! Today, when I came back from work, I said openly that I would give my children a sense of ritual for the New Year and buy healthy shoes for the growing baby. We used to buy shoes for babies at will. Speaking of the children's health shoes we bought this time, my husband's eyes are bright. I can't wait to share his research results with you. Excitedly, I said that there were so many exquisite shoes for children. There is a formula for buying shoes: "One fold, two pinches, three twists, four press and five smells". After his comprehensive comparison, he finally chose Dr.kong health shoes. Here with parents who don't know how to choose, share your child's shoe selection strategy, I'm sure it's not wrong!

Children's sneakers that can help alleviate children's foot fatigue, enable children to participate more actively in sports and walk freely are the first choice for parents. When we choose shoes, we can do the following actions: folding: folding the soles, bending almost one third of the front palm; kneading: kneading the heels of the shoes, with a certain degree of hardness; twisting: twisting the shoes with two hands to see if the shoes are deformed; pressing: press inside the shoes. Don't be too soft on the front palm of the head; Smell: Smell shoes with or without a pungent odor.

Dr. kong  children's shoes are based on the children's foot health considerations at this age. They are specially designed for children aged 4-13 with ABC pads. Dr.kong health shoes take the concept of three-dimensional foot protection as the core, with a hard heel cup, which can stabilize the heel bone and control the valgus range of hind foot; and according to the different foot shape of the child, design different forefoot circumference, so that the foot can be adequately protected. In addition, three types of insoles with different arch support ranges, A, B and C, can support the arch of the foot and alleviate foot fatigue, taking into account the development of each child's arch.

In addition, Dr.kong A, B and C insoles with healthy shoes are suitable for different foot shapes. They can effectively relieve foot fatigue caused by flat feet and reduce the incidence of sequelae of partial flat feet. University research reports show that 84% of children with hallux valgus can return to normal when running in Dr. kong healthy shoes. It is suggested that prior feet be purchased and appropriate insoles be selected according to different foot conditions.

Dr. konghealth shoes were established in Hong Kong in 1999, and now have more than 550 branches in more than 10 countries all over the country and overseas. Dr. kong health shoes are closely interacted with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fudan University Sports Medical Center and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. They are also recognized by the American Society of Foot Orthopaedics (PFA).

New Year's Day, a rare parent-child time, take children shopping or a short trip, a good pair of children's sports shoes will give children warm care, alleviate foot fatigue caused by long walking, give children a happy and comfortable New Year ritual experience. Wish the children healthy and happy, good and warm growth!
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