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Double eleven sun shopping list, we must not Dr.kong children's health shoes.

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All mothers will find such a law, since the birth of a baby, delicate girls become smart and hot mothers. Every zero is squatting on a cat just in time to kill a drinking cup for the baby. On Valentine's Day, I used to think about how to choose a romantic place, but now I just want to know if it's a discount in the mall. The grand festival of mothers'chopping hands has come again. Many mothers have been standing in line in praise of the overwhelming number of places. They have made every effort to prepare a car of babies, waiting for zero to empty.

Cheng Cheng said that her son was lively and active, and loved running and sports. She hoped to buy a pair of children's sports shoes with the help of pairs of eleven. After running to various shopping malls and some Dongmoubao and listening to the opinions of friends around them, he finally decided to buy Dr.kong  children's sports shoes. Coincidentally, among the mothers, the most recommended brand is Dr.kong  children's health shoes. In their view, these shoes are the magic weapon to accompany the baby's healthy walking, covering different age groups, and providing protection for the healthy development of children's feet.

It is understood that Dr.kong  children's sneakers are specially designed for foot care needs of children aged 4-13 years. They are equipped with insoles with three different arch support ranges A, B and C and heel inclination to alleviate foot fatigue and pain during exercise. Among them, A cushion for high support, high heel slope, suitable for children with severe hind foot valgus wear; B cushion for moderate support, moderate heel slope, suitable for children with slight hind foot valgus wear; C cushion for normal support, suitable for children with vertical hind foot wear, is also suitable for children with normal feet wear.

In addition, in order to provide children with a pair of shoes that fit their feet, Dr.kong health shoes provide free Check & Fit service, and advocate the health concept of "before buying shoes, a priori foot" to select suitable children's sports shoes according to the results of foot test.

According to the data, Dr.kong  health shoes, founded in 1999, are the brand of children's shoes in Hong Kong. He has been devoting himself to the research of children's foot health and advocating that the public pay attention to foot ridge health. Through professional foot testing and padding service, we provide professional and reliable health shoes and foot care products for our customers. At the same time, we maintain close relationship with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fudan University Sports Medical Center and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. We have been recognized by the American Society of Pediatric Orthopedics (PFA) overseas. Today, there are more than 550 branches throughout the country and more than 10 overseas countries, making them the best choice for consumers to choose suitable children's shoes.
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