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Dr.kong health shoes class: the new tax policy is much more smart.

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In October, the new tax policy came to the ground, and the lifting of the levy points meant that the people's pocketbook also had a lot of income. For a family with children, how to spend the money is the smartest choice?

Many novice mothers like to buy all kinds of things for their children, especially for toddlers. Parents often blindly buy all kinds of toddler tools to help their babies learn to walk. They spend a lot of money unjustly, and it may affect their baby's foot health. In fact, it is the smartest thing to spend every month on the toddler shoes.

Many mothers pursue fashion, usually mixed in the major shopping sites, in the choice of walking shoes, high face value has become the focus of mothers to consider. In fact, the purchase of walking shoes can not only look at the appearance, its choice is very particular, a good pair of walking shoes should be able to protect children's feet, the need to support the arch function, whether to ease foot fatigue, whether there is a hard heel cup and other indicators to investigate.

With the development of economy and technology, the design of walking shoes has also made more progress, such as the integration of health elements into the design of children's shoes Dr. kong health shoes. As a health shoe brand with a history of 19 years, Dr. kong has been devoting himself to the study of children's foot health for many years. He understands the different needs of different age groups for foot care, provides Check & Fit inspection foot mat service, and advocates the health concept of "before buying shoes, prior feet". Each specialty store is equipped with it. Professional foot health assistants and professional foot testing equipment to provide customers with appropriate health shoes and foot care products.

According to the three different stages of toddler's learning, Dr. kong has designed a series of professional and intimate toddler shoes - "BB toddler 123" series, including baby toddler shoes, toddler toddler shoes and toddler footwear, to protect the development of children's foot scientifically. The three kinds of walking shoes meet the infant's walking needs of about 8-15 months from crawling stage to early stage, about 16-3 years old and about 2-4 years old.

The foot is the foundation of the body. Only by protecting the health of the feet can we have a foothold in the foundation of life. Dr. kong shoes have always adhered to this concept of foot protection, children's foot health always maintain close attention

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