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National Day children travel, children's sports shoes are indispensable.

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Autumn is cool and the weather is pleasant. It's a good time to go out. Many parents take advantage of the National Day holiday to take their children out. Autumn outing allows children to feel the magic power of nature, broaden their horizons and benefit children's physical and mental health. However, children are naturally active, out of play can not do without a lot of walking, running, easy to cause foot fatigue and pain. Therefore, Dr. kong small health lecture reminds us that we must do a good job of preparation before going on an outing, especially for children to prepare a pair of comfortable and healthy sneakers for children is particularly important.

The autumn outing is at that time, enjoying the happy time with the children.

"Every year my parents would take me on a tour. Once we went downstream to the countryside and saw the farmer's uncle working hard in the paddy field, we found that the grain was coming well or not. After that, I treasured the grain even more." Xiao Fan, who has just returned from his parents, is sharing his experience with Xiaobian. At the same time, Xiao Fan's mother also said that the child's journey has a lot to gain, the next many holidays will continue to take the child to travel, enjoy the happy moments of parents and children travel.

In fact, modern parents are paying more and more attention to parent-child relationship and education for their children, especially through comprehensive education through tourism. In the process of traveling, children can understand geography, history and other knowledge, but also enhance their physique, temper their will; in recreational games, close to nature, can also accept language, action, sensory and moral education. This also allows more young parents to take every opportunity to take their children on their journey.

Dr. kong  children's sports shoes, children's good friends

However, whether in the suburbs or outings, in the course of tourism are inevitably a large number of walking, especially children, lively, like running, easily lead to foot fatigue and pain. Therefore, parents must prepare a pair of comfortable children's sneakers for their children before going out to do a good job of foot care.

Speaking of the selection of children's sports shoes, Xiao Fan's mother also recommended a brand of healthy shoes to Xiaobian, hoping that more parents can choose comfortable children's sports shoes for their children. "Dr. kong used to wear children's sneakers for outings. His shoes were comfortable and healthy. Even a large number of walking children's feet were not easily tired. I trust this brand and often recommend it to other friends."

Xiao Fan, who is a famous brand of health shoes, is a health shoe of Dr. kong All along, Dr.kong health shoes adhere to the concept of protecting the public's foot and spine health, to provide customers with professional foot care mat service and the most suitable health care products.

Among them, Dr. kong children's sneakers are designed according to the characteristics of the feet of children aged 4-13 years and their needs for shoes. They have arch cushions, hard heel cups and healthy shoes with different forefoot circumferences. They can relieve foot fatigue and pain and reduce the incidence of flat foot sequelae. At the same time, Dr. kong suggested "before buying shoes, a prior foot", according to the results of the foot test to select the appropriate children's sports shoes. Wearing a pair of comfortable and healthy children's sneakers can not only protect children's feet during travel, but also alleviate fatigue during the journey!

Do a good job of foot care, in addition to wearing comfortable and healthy children's sports shoes, parents can use hot water to soak their children's feet before going to bed every night. In addition, Dr. kong health shoe, foot and spine exercises are a set of exercises that can exercise children's foot and spine. They are composed of a series of movements at shoulder, neck, waist, back and foot. They are accompanied by happy music composed by Hong Kong nursery rhyme queen Purple. They are simple and easy to learn. Parents can let their children practice "foot and spine exercises" to ease the pain. Shoulder, neck, back, waist and foot fatigue, so in tourism, whether walking or climbing will feel particularly relaxed.

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