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"Teachers'Day" Dr. kong calls for caring teacher foot health health shoes

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When we sit comfortably in the classroom, the teacher always stands silently for us to teach, year after year, a station may be a lifetime. Standing for a long time makes the leg muscles in a state of tension for a long time, which will affect the blood reflux of the lower limbs, causing lower limb swelling, pain and other problems. On the occasion of Teacher's Day, Dr. kong health shoes appeal to care for the health of the teacher's feet, choose a pair of health shoes gift to the teacher, so that the teacher away from the long-term standing pain.

Teachers need to take care of their feet health.

Teachers are a combination of mental and physical work in one occupation, in the heavy and laborious teaching, by the cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebrae, pharyngitis, foot pain and other problems. "It takes a long time to stand in class, and feet pain is a common occurrence." An interview teacher poured out her troubles to Xiaobian. Generally speaking, teachers always have more time to lecture. Teachers standing too long, long-term tense leg muscles, lower limb blood reflux will be affected, resulting in lower limb swelling, pain and other issues. In addition, when standing, the person's center of gravity is lowered to between the legs, the pressure will increase, the legs and feet will often ache.

To this end, Dr. kong  assistant advises: Teachers can reduce standing time, walk slowly during lectures, and practice Dr. kong foot and spine exercises after class. It consists of a series of exercises at the shoulder, neck, waist, back and foot, which can effectively improve the muscle fatigue of the foot and spine. Each movement lasts 10 seconds. Repeat about 10 times, to prevent foot and spinal problems play a very good role "; Do more to promote the circulation of the leg movement, such as jogging and other sports or massage the leg; before bed with hot water soak feet, and massage. At the same time, teachers wear appropriate healthy shoes in class to relieve foot fatigue and pain.

Dr. kong  health shoes help you repay your teacher's kindness.

According to Dr. kong foot health assistant, adult foot has matured, suitable for wearing in line with the principles of human mechanics of healthy shoes. In order to thank the teachers for their hard work, it is better to choose a pair of Dr. kong  health shoes as a gift on Teachers'Day to protect the health of teachers' feet. It is understood that Dr.kong  health shoes for adults are designed according to the principles of human mechanics and have the characteristics of full contact insoles and multi-circumference selection of the forefoot: 1. The full contact insoles are designed with pressure dispersion technology, including four functional designs: arch supporting design, to reduce excessive pulling of plantar fascia during walking; and heel socket design. Increase plantar contact surface; Metatarsal pad design, supporting the transverse arch of the foot, so that the pressure of the forefoot back transfer; Phalangeal groove design, to help stabilize the forefoot when walking; Overall insole can evenly disperse plantar pressure, alleviate foot fatigue. 2. Multi-circumference design of forefoot, according to different fat and thin feet with 2E standard circumference, 3E widening circumference, 4E extra-wide circumference, to help reduce the risk of toe compression and hallux valgus pain.

At the same time, Dr.kong  health shoe store also provides free foot pad testing service. Foot health assistants test the condition of customers'feet through professional instruments. According to the results of foot testing, they help customers to choose suitable healthy shoes and foot care products. In addition, children's sports shoes are the main product of Dr. kong  health shoes, parents can also choose the right children's sports shoes for their children, to protect the healthy development of children's feet.

As a well-known health shoe brand, Dr. kong  health shoes always adhere to the concept of protecting the public's foot and spine health, from healthy shoes, foot care accessories to pressure-free backpack, Dr. kong  health shoes hope that the pace of health exists in all ages, and foot and spine health into every family.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, Dr. kong  health shoes hope to send sincere blessings to teachers all over the world through this health gift, and give back the teachers'kindness to our education.
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