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Dr. kong exclusive name for health shoes is October.

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    Red is a color, representing a warm color! Red is a spirit, never give up the spirit! Red is a kind of temperament, belonging to the temperament of the newborn little sun.
   The famous red river health shoes, which is exclusively named by Dr.Kong Jiang, is a new program launched by the Guangdong children's channel in 2017. From March 2017 to the end of December, Guangdong province through 40 large-scale ground sea election activities, 13 wonderful TV programs, fully excavated and displayed the young children's talent and amazing life.

   From the end of July, "the red is not allowed" was recorded in the end of July, to the golden file of the National Day in October, the program was presented in front of the audience with the fun presiding style and the excellent talent performance of the children.


    During the recording of July 29th and 30, the special activities of the members of the Dr.Kong Jiang organization invited 150 groups of members to watch the recording and show. The scene was warm. The parents and parents felt the recording process of the TV program with their children and experienced a feast of art.


 The cool opening T show, the young models of Meng Meng, wearing Dr. Dr.Kong's health shoes, walking on the T platform, and the audience are standing up to applaud for them!


  The Kitchen God prepared all kinds of delicious food, and the guests and hosts gave them a thumbs up after they tried it.


  The most impressive, is a little girl only 8 years old, she performed a graceful belly dance, and more surprised, she also showed how to roll coins in her belly.
In addition, there are 3.5 year old yoga teachers - Xiao Su Su, a 5-8 year old world-class memory master, and so on. All kinds of wonderful performances are worth looking forward to.


     By the exclusive crown of Dr. Dr.Kong's health shoes, "no let" has been broadcast on "TVS5- Guangdong children channel" since October 8, 2017. At 20:00 on Sunday, it is agreed to you, a brilliant performance, an interesting creative link, and a more opportunity to get a good chance of getting Dr. Dr.Kong. Please pay attention to it!

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