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In response to the proposal of two sessions, Dr. Jiang's "foot ridge health class" entered Chongqing campus.

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Based on the growing problem of the Chinese foot, the health of the foot has become an important public health problem. In the 2017 two meetings, which was just finished in March, many members of the Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) were concerned about the health of the children's feet and the health education of the foot. This proposal has attracted the attention of the major media and the community.

Dr.Kong health shoes of Dr. Jiang, in response to the two meeting proposals, helped the health of the foot ridges, and held a series of activities in China, "healthy China, Guan Aizu ridge" in the foot ridge health class. The activity is drawing to a close. In the afternoon of March 30th, it arrived at the last stop - Huaxin Experimental Primary School in Chongqing. This class once again invited the chief Committee of the Chinese Medical Association sports medical branch and Professor Chen Shi Yi, the director of the Fudan University sports medicine center, to introduce the health knowledge of the feet to the students.


Professor Chen said: "the foot problem can be prevented well through the exercise of the foot, the posture of sleeping in the sitting position, and the scientific wearing of shoes. And many problems of the foot in children are also improved through exercise, and active participation in sports can make many developmental problems correct."


Lecture: Professor Chen Shiyi talks about foot health knowledge.


Interaction: health assistants teach students how to scientifically select shoes and make foot movements.


Foot examination: the health assistant uses the professional foot detector to detect foot condition for the students. Experts also suggested that students should regularly perform foot tests at professional institutions and always pay attention to foot health development.


All the students at the scene take the "foot spine health exercise" together.

The exercise has been popularized in more than 100 schools in Hongkong as early as 2010. Since 2014, nearly 500 primary school organizations in Guangdong have been promoted.

Experts suggest that regular practice of "foot ridge health exercises" can effectively relieve the fatigue of the shoulders, neck, back, waist and foot, and also exercise foot muscles to help the development of the arch. "You can practice ten minutes a day, and repeat exercises according to the fatigue condition of the foot.


This health class has been paid attention to and reported by the media, which has written a perfect end to the activities of the "foot ridge health class" in China. However, the pace of Dr. Dr.Kong will not stop, and the enterprise will continue to promote the health of the foot ridge and adhere to the healthy and intimate product design concept. The big family designed the most suitable health products.

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